Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

The emergence of third sets of molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, occurs during a patient’s late teens to early 20’s. However, few people are able to accommodate for the extra teeth, and once emerged, they can cause damage to the structure and health of your smile. At Pacific Dental Associates, San Francisco dentist Dr. Michael Barkin provides wisdom extraction from simple to complex. 

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Why Patients Need Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Wisdom teeth that are removed in order to prevent of correct problems that result due to their emergence. At our Pacific Heights dental practice, we provide two types of extractions --- simple and surgical. Our board-certified oral surgeon works with you to ensure your trust and comfort when it comes to your procedure. Not removing wisdom teeth can result in an infection due to the difficulty of properly cleaning and flossing the teeth. As an impacted wisdom tooth can cause crowding in the jaw, access to these teeth can be difficult and lead to a buildup of bacteria. 

Simple and Complex Wisdom teeth extractions

For patients who have no outstanding issues with their third molars, such as one that has failed to fully erupt or has been broken off at the gum line, a simple tooth extraction can be done at our dental practice.

However, patients who have complex issues, such as impactions, may need more extensive surgical procedures to remove the tooth before they cause damage. Whether your impacted tooth is in abnormal or relatively normal orientation, or if the tooth has not full erupted past the gum tissue or partial eruption from the bone, Pacific Dental Associates is equipped with a modern facility that ensure a safe and precise extraction.

What to Expect Before and After Surgery

At our San Francisco dental practice, we make sure that our patients feel comfortable and relaxed before, during, and after their procedure. Depending on your unique case, you have the experienced help from our caring professionals, and with conscious sedation, your wisdom teeth extraction will be a smooth experience.

Starting first with a consultation, we go over pre-surgery instructions, as well as takes a digital x-ray of your smile, and walk you through the process of the surgery. Patients are advised that they should have a trusted individual there to take them home, if the procedure calls for the recommend conscious sedation. With this option, patients are required to fast before the appointment. 

Post-operative appointments are made after the extraction, and we provide a number that you can call if you have any emergencies, 24/7. Dr. Barkin and our friendly office staff will check in on you 5 to 7 days later, to ensure that your pain is controlled and diminishing, and that you are not having any problems.

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Although, some individuals may never need to remove their wisdom teeth, removing them can prevent infection due to partial emergence. Dr. Barkin and the rest of our dedicated staff at Pacific Dental Associates, are here to provide recommended treatment options in order to sustain and enhance the health of your smile. Contact our Pacific Heights, San Francisco dental practice today to schedule your wisdom teeth extraction consultation.

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