Treating Gum Disease in San Francisco

Gum disease damages and causes inflammation of teeth and supporting soft tissues and bone. Periodontal disease is often attributed to poor oral hygiene, and once progressed, can cause pain and even loss of teeth. AtPacific Dental Associates in San Francisco, we provide surgical and non-surgical treatments for periodontal disease. Our Pacific Heights dentists are focused on your continued oral health by providing treatments that meet your needs. 

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Identifying the Stages of Gum Disease 

Gum disease has two major stages: gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis develops due to a buildup of plaque and tartar on teeth and below the gum line. Categorized by inflamed soft tissue, gums bleeding while flossing, and red and swollen gums, this is mild form of the infection. If found, suggestions of deep cleaning and improving your oral care routine at home are recommended.

Periodontitis develops due to untreated gingivitis. Patients with this stage of gum disease find similar symptoms as above, along with noticeable recession of gums from the teeth. From here, advanced periodontitis leads to severe damage to the connective tissue, resulting in loosened teeth and eventual tooth loss. 

Treatments for Gum Disease in San Francisco

At Pacific Dental Associates, we provide surgical and non-surgical gum disease treatments with a focus on patient education. We utilize modern technology and offer specific tips on habits and dental tools that can assist in effective daily care. We provide deep cleanings, periodontal maintenance, antibiotics, oral rinses, and treatments for bone and tissue regeneration. 

Deep cleanings, or root scaling and planing, are performed using an ultra-sonic instrument to effectively and comfortably, remove calculus, which is bacterial build-up and tartar.. With root planing and scaling, buildup is thoroughly removed from the teeth and under the gum line. 

Anti-microbial mouth washes and antibiotics can continue the treatment process outside of the dental office. Prescription mouth rinses control bacteria for the treatment of gum disease, and can be used after gum surgery as well. For persistent periodontal infection, antibiotics are recommended as an initial treatment method. 

Surgical gum treatments at our San Francisco dental facility includes bone and tissue grafts to regenerate supportive tissue and bone lost due to periodontitis. We also provide guided tissue regeneration, which helps plan out the process of growing bone and tissue that has been depleted. 

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