Reconstructing Smiles - Cosmetic Dentistry in San Francisco

At our Pacific Heights dental office, our multi-disciplinary approach to dentistry combines the talents of all our specialists, using latest technology and treatments to fully restore your smile. With endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, and restorative dentistry available in one location, we provide services that enhance not only the look of your smile, but oral health as well. 

Full Examination and Understanding of Your Goals

Driven by your specific goals and findings from a comprehensive examination of your smile, our San Francisco dentists work to understand what you’d like your smile to be. Whether you’re interested in aesthetic enhancement for specific teeth or a restoration for a full arch of missing teeth, we have tools and techniques available to meet your expectations.

As issues such as discoloration, gum height, or even chipped enamel can be signs of larger issues, we take the time to evaluate the health of your smile and recommend various treatments that leads to a beautiful and healthy smile. We determine the health of your bite and look for signs of periodontal disease to determine which treatments are necessary. Your oral health is our priority. 

Cosmetic treatment can then begin with a mockup of your smile so you have a physical representation of your future, finished treatment. Mock-ups are sent to our trusted lab for the creation of natural-looking restorations.

Modern Treatments, Aesthetic Results

Patients with imperfections on their teeth, such as chips, discoloration, or gaps between teeth can benefit from all-encompassing treatment that utilizes the expertise of our San Francisco dental specialists. Provided through interrelated care from a majority of our team, we create cosmetic restorations that improve the aesthetics of the smile. These procedures include:

Crowns from our Pacific Heights cosmetic dentists are fabricated using materials such as e.max® and zirconia. We utilized created trusted labs that work with 3D technology to build your restorations. Used to encapsulate teeth after large cavities have formed or to be used to top a dental implant, our crowns match the sheen and shade of your natural smile. 

Porcelain veneers are a perfect restorative treatment for patients who have a multitude of small dental imperfections such as gaps, crowded, discolored, and chipped teeth. This cosmetic solution can revamp the entire smile.  To learn more about our veneer options, click here

Missing Teeth Solutions

At our modern facility, we are equipped to treat patients who are missing one or more teeth. Made out of the same aesthetic materials as our crowns, we provide fixed bridges as convenient and non-invasive replacement for missing teeth. We can also offer dental implants, which replace the missing tooth root and promote bone integration and strength. Implants are capped with aesthetic restorations such as bridges and crowns. Our board certified dental surgeon, Dr. Michael Barkin places implants in-office using a surgical guide. 

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Our team of dental professionals provides cosmetic dental treatments and comprehensive smile restorations in the Pacific Heights areas of in San Francisco. For full smile reconstruction using the latest in dental techniques and treatments, contact us today for more information.