Learn How Our San Francisco Dentists Fight Cavities With The CAMBRA Protocol 

While optimizing your hygiene at home is critical in stopping oral decay, sometimes you may still develop cavities. At Pacific Dental Associates we utilize the CAMBRA protocol to assess your susceptibility for cavities and to develop a management plan based on your age and the severity of risk. 

What is the CAMBRA Protocol? 

CAMBRA stands for "caries management by risk assessment". Relying on evidence in its approach, CAMBRA allows for our San Francisco dentists to detect and treat cavities in their early stages. Studies have found that, as we age, our smiles become more susceptible to developing cavities. CAMBRA allows dentists and hygienists to determine your range of vulnerability and develop a management plan to ensure that your teeth is well protected.

What Happens During the CAMBRA Protocol?

The process begins at a routine cleaning or during a new patient examination. From there, we will identify your risk of cavities by applying plaque disclosing agents. This topical treatment will develop different colors in order to determine your level of susceptibility: 

Dark Purple – presence of plaque of 48 hours or longer
Bright Pink – presence of plaque for less than 48 hours
Light Blue – presence of acid-producing bacteria, predisposing teeth to caries

The amount of coloring will allow us to ascertain your cary risk on a low, moderate, high, or extreme scale. This visible representation of plaque left in the smile, even after preparing for a visits with the dentist, can assist in the enhancement of at home care and the importance of dental visits. Our dentists in San Francisco will develop a preventive plan and may recommend fluoride treatments and new products for non-invasive management of plaque. 

What Can You Do At Home? 

With the assistance of our staff, the best ways to protect your smile at home are determined. The CAMBRA protocol provides a list of management and clinical guidelines for each category of risk and each age. In addition to the recommendation of frequent radiographs, saliva testing, fluoride use, and using antibacterial and xylitol (teeth-safe sugar) products, we recommend:

For Young patients (0-5) 

- Sealants 
- Routine exams and check-ups 
- Self-management goals and guidance on at-home care

For patients from 5 up to Adults

- Sealants
- pH control
- Calcium Phosphate Topical Supplements

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