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If you are missing all of your natural teeth in one or both jaw arches, there are various treatment options available to restore the oral function and health of your smile. Dental implants are a great way to retain the function and keep your new teeth in place. If you’re looking for fixed denture treatment as an effective teeth replacement option, our specialists atPacific Dental Associates offer years of experience and state-of-the-art technology to place and restore dental implants. 

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Benefits of Overdentures

Dentures can be retained by implants in various forms, from bar-retained dentures that are removable, to fixed dentures where the overdenture and bar are a singular piece; the benefit is the stability and the comfort of having a prosthetic supported by dental implants. Implant-supported overdentures, specifically, provide the following benefits:

Stability, Removability – Traditional, removable dentures are easily cleaned, as they are only held in place by adhesive. However, this does not provide the stability and strength needed for normal use. Dentures permanently affixed to implants offer strength and support, but it can be difficult to keep your smile clean and healthy. Implant-supported overdentures combine the convenience of being removable while still retaining the stability of being securely snapped into implant posts.  

Retrofitting Existing Dentures – Patients who have existing dentures can have them re-based, or fitted with new components to allow them to snap onto implant posts. At our San Francisco dental practice, we have a trusted lab that can create new dentures to fit your new smile if you prefer. 

Conservative Treatment – Unlike affixed, permanently attached dentures that utilize four or more dental implants, implant-supported overdentures provide anchors that secure your new smile with as little as two implants. This treatment is more conservative, as the goal is to provide minimal placement of implants as needed. 

Before the start of your implant treatment, our Pacific Heights implant specialists’ assess your dental health through a comprehensive exam that determines your needs and goals for your smile. This examination and consultation allow us to suggest the specific implant and denture combination best for you. Our San Francisco dental practice is fitted with up-to-date materials and technology, allowing us to provide guided implant placement, as well as in-house restorations. 

Patients receive a CT scan before implants are placed, in order to assess bone density and to create the guided placement stents to accurately place your implants. We are dedicated to creating lasting and comfortable smiles through implant dentistry, and helping patients find the right treatment for improving their quality of life and meeting their smile goals. 

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Dental implants enhance your oral health and restore function and aesthetics to your smile. For more information about this cutting-edge teeth replacement procedure, contact the San Francisco dentists at Pacific Dental Associates, located in Pacific Heights, to schedule an appointment today.