Implant-Supported Dentures in San Francisco

Having missing teeth can lead to oral complications and can greatly affect confidence. In fact, within a year of tooth loss, you begin to lose crucial jawbone structure which can lead to a more aged look! While dentures are a sound solution to tooth loss, to many, traditional dentures can sometimes feel uncomfortable. At Pacific Dental Associates, we offer implant-supported dentures as an alternative restorative option for patients who seek a comfortable option with the same advantages as traditional dentures.

With implants, however, this bone resorption is stopped and existing bone tissue is preserved. Implants secure dentures in place, reducing unnecessary movement during chewing and talking. For renewed stability and comfort, implant-supported dentures provide an opportunity to give you the smile you desire.

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Types of Implant-Supported Dentures 

Because oral complications can vary from person to person, our San Francisco dental practice offers several options that can suit your particular case. Regardless of the treatment, all our implant-supported dentures allow for a cessation in further bone resorption and the preservation of existing bone tissue. Each will also allow for an improvement in your overall quality of life as you will be able to better chew and speak to people without hindrance!

Your options include: 

Implant-retained, removable – This treatment has the denture resting on retentive attachments placed on implant posts. It is the minimal prescribed treatment for patents looking to support dentures through implants. 

Bar-retained, implant supported – Secured by more comprehensive retentive attachments, a metal bar that connects to implants, this treatment allows patients to still remove their overdenture, while benefiting from greater stability. This thin metal bar will follow the natural curve of your jaw and are attached to your implants. Your denture is then fitted to the bar via attachments such as clips. 

Fixed, implant-supported dentures – Combined together, the overdenture and bar are secured to implants with screws. This overdenture is removable only by your dentist, and is the most natural looking choice, as implant-prosthetics do not have flanges or rest on the gum. 

What is the Process For Getting Implant-Supported Dentures?

The process of getting implants begins with a consultation with our periodontists, oral surgeon, or implant specialist. During this consultation, you may receive consultation with x-rays, impressions of your smile, and a possible CT scan of your jaw in order to determine how much gum tissue and bone are available.

This is critical because once placed, implant-supported dentures may take up to four to six months in order for the implant to fully fuse and integrate to your bone. Thus, it is critical that we have enough data to ensure that your implants are properly supported. 

For patients who are healthy enough for tooth extraction or have ample bone in their jaw, you will generally be qualified for implants placement. For some patients, a bone graft may be necessary. 

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At Pacific Dental Associates we strive to improve the function and aesthetics of our patients' smiles. If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any additional questions about dental implants please don't hesitate to contact our San Francisco dentists today! 

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